Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday 10/04 (Very) Quickie

K-Rod chokes away Angels' chances of winning their ALDS series: I know that, beyond his record saves total, K-Rod's stats weren't the best of the AL closers. But still: He had that all-time saves mark, along with a $72 million minimum for his services after this season.

Of course, now his record-breaking season is even more clearly defined by his series-blowing choke yesterday.

I said this about the Cubs yesterday: In a 5-game series, a team simply can't lose the first two games at home, then expect to win 3 straight when the next 2 are on the road. The Angels are as done as the Cubs -- remarkable in that the teams with the best records in their respective leagues won't make it out of the LDS round. Hell, they might not win a playoff game. (We'll have to see how the Cubs do today; I'm quite sure Cubs fans have all but given up.)

Here's the postseason motto: Your regular season was meaningless.

(Unless, of course, you are a team like the Rays, which is doubling-down on their Cinderella season in the playoffs: 2 games at home; 2 wins. Man, I like this team. They are playing with confidence that belies their franchise's utter playoff inexperience. Who cares? More than enough room still available on the Rays bandwagon.)

Today: The Cubs try to stave off oblivion with their mid-season pickup Rich Harden. If he can't stop the bleeding, no one can. Meanwhile, the ageless, how-can-you-not-root-for-him Jamie Moyer tries to lead the Phillies to a close-out win in Milwaukee. I picked the Brewers to win the series, but I find the Phillies fans incredibly compelling and would be happy for them if they advanced (if only to set up even more crushing disappointment when they eventually lose).

CFB: BYU wins 15th straight. Now they can sit back and watch the rest of the Top 10 face far more daunting challenges than Utah State -- I fully expect (but was not ballsy enough to actually predict) that there will be at least one loss in the Top 10 today (beyond USF on Thursday). Conference play is just too much of an X-factor, particularly with the matchups today. (On the flip side, ranked teams who perform well should get a rankings boost.)

Wisconsin suspends marching band: Hazing? Drinking? Sexual inappropriateness? With absolutely no joking intended: Does this actually surprise you? The fairly under-the-radar culture (or cult) of the college marching band is rife with all of these things -- hey, just like the culture (or cult) of a college football team. It would make an amazing documentary (as if any school would allow you the access -- they know what's going on).

NFL: Brian Westbrook looks ready to go tomorrow against the Redskins. That makes the game that much more interesting (it already was one of the Top 3 games of the week).

NBA: I don't know what a "torn iris" is, but it sounds painful. Sorry, Amare. And just when his appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba made him one of my 10 favorite NBA players! (Quickie jinx, indeed. Or maybe the Yo Gabba Gabba jinx!)

Meanwhile, the Heat signed Shaun Livingston -- it's a low-risk bet. If he never comes back, he never comes back. But if he recovers, the Heat suddenly have a terrific backcourt partner for Dwyane Wade -- just in time for Wade's free-agent summer of 2010. It's not like he's staying in Miami. (Oh, you thought that kind of talk was just reserved for LeBron? Please: LeBron, Wade, Bosh -- they'll all leave their current teams.)

Candace Parker named WNBA MVP and Rookie of the Year: It's an impressive double, and indicative of the instantly center-stage place Parker has in the league. They are making the entire thing revolve around her -- makes you wonder what they did without her (struggle, actually).

Wow: OJ is actually going to go to jail. There IS justice in the world.

-- D.S.


sean b said...

True Cub fans never give up hope. We rationalize to give ourselves false chances, so that it hurts more when reality sets in.

Myself, I think of the 2004 ALCS and say that 2-0 is nothing compared to 3-0, so why the heck not?

Man, this is going to hurt.....

A.P. Boynton said...

Any team that gives K-Rod 72 million is out of their mind.

Ben said...

For the second straight year, on Friday night in Game 2 of the ALDS, K-Rod gets outpitched by Papelbon. He can have the saves record, I'd rather have this decade's Rivera (17.2 innings, no runs allowed).