Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday 09/28 (Very) Quickie

Alabama gets my vote as the No. 1 team in the country, after the way they beat Georgia in Athens last night. Just because Oklahoma was ahead of them doesn't entitle OU to anything.

BlogPoll Top 10 initial pass: (1) Alabama; (2) Oklahoma; (3) LSU; (4) Texas; (5) Missouri; (6) Penn State; (7) BYU; (8) South Florida; (9) Texas Tech; (10) USC (begrudgingly... 5 weeks in, and we're already down to less than 10 teams that deserve a spot in the Top 10.)

The Big 12 replaces the SEC with a "Big Three": Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri (and Texas Tech, simply by having a bye to avoid the upset bug, will make it 4 in the Top 10 for the Big 12).

And I don't think it's unreasonable to add Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford to Daniel at the top of the Heisman list -- Knowshon Moreno isn't up there anymore.

Penn State looked similar in beating Illinois to Missouri. They should be ranked accordingly. (Derrick Williams had a 3-R game of his career: TD rushing, receiving, returning -- reminding me why he was once considered the best offensive recruit of his high school class.)

Florida didn't lose because of the missed extra-point or the inability of Tebow to get that 1st down on 4th and 2 -- they lost because of 3 turnovers that resulted in 10 Ole Miss points. (You can read the multiple posts below for my post-loss reaction. Um, reactions...)

Hell of a win for Rich Rodriguez; hell of a loss for Tommy Bowden.

As much as I dislike people talking about Northwestern as if they were the woeful program of the 70s and 80s and early 90s -- not the halfway decent program of today -- 5-0 is a big deal.

Congrats to the Phillies on their NL East title.

NL Wild Card: It all comes down to today! (No, wait: Unless it comes down to tomorrow! Either way: It's a must-track today.) Um, can Johan Santana pitch on NO rest? How about 1 day?

AL Central: Twins clinch with a win Sunday combined with a White Sox loss. In any other scenario, we get the couldn't-be-more-awesome Monday make-up game between Chicago and Detroit, which is remarkable in that Chicago would have everything to gain and Detroit nothing. Which Tigers would show up?

How much must it irk Roger Clemens that Greg Maddux moved past him on the all-time wins list? And Maddux didn't even need PEDs to do it.

New World Record: Men's marathon, by Haile Gebrselassie, breaking the 2h4m barrier.

RIP, Paul Newman: How big was Newman's presence in the history of sports movies? He was in arguably 3 of the Top 20 greatest sports movies ever -- Slap Shot (Top 10), The Hustler (Top 10), The Color of Money (Top 20, but he won an Oscar for his performance).

-- D.S.


the bankrupt museum said...

Ugh - I think it's laughable at this point to argue vaulting Alabama to #1 and ranking LSU #3. Two top 3 SEC teams? (Coming off four in the top 10 last week?).

I'm no SEC-hater (although it's hard sometimes), but for all the crucifying of other "weak" conferences, I think it's high-time folks start to admit the SEC is not as strong as once thought this year. How is the resume that impressive?

Is Auburn a quality win? They beat Miss St. 3-2 (3-2!)and barely beat a terrible Tennessee team. Auburn is a 5-loss team waiting to happen.

Speaking of Miss St - they were competitive with both Auburn and LSU - and got steamrolled by Georgia Tech and lost to Louisiana Tech.

Alabama? Sure, they looked impressive last night, but their resume is a romp over what has turned out to be a terrible Clemson team, a close game with Tulane and a Georgia team which barely eeked out a win over South Carolina.

LSU? Their best win so far is a come from behind win over Auburn - see above.

In other words, apart from each other, who has any of these teams really beaten? Arizona State? (Who lost to UNLV who then lost by 30 at home to New Mexico?)

marcomarco said...

I don't even like college football.

But, here's a giant middle finger for all of the Anti-Sox hatred that you spew.

bird said...

Dan, I don't know what's worse--the game in Gainesville yesterday (which, by the way, was the first time the Gators lost at a game that I attended in 35 years!!) or Paul Newman's passing. I adored Mr. Newman and I found out about his death right before I went to the game! Definitely not one of my better days, and for that matter definitely not one of the Gators' better days!!

Look Good In Purple said...

Possibly time to get yourself back in that Purple jersey of yours. I know you have an old Hudhaifa Ismaeli jersey.