Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday 10/01 A.M. Quickie:
LDS Mania, Thome, Kiffin, Non-Scandals

Aaand, we're back. This morning's SN column allowed me to flex two of my more favorite theories:

(1) You should root for the Rays because a team going from worst to first in a single season is one of the most incredible things that can happen to baseball.

(2) As long as the Cubs are in the World Series, it doesn't matter which AL team they are playing, because the ratings will be HUGE regardless.

Those are the two big things on my mind as the playoffs start today with that tripleheader. You can start by following it at work, then move home for primetime, then see if you can stay up for the late one. (I certainly won't be able to do all three.)

Meanwhile, I think Jim Thome just got his career-defining play. Of his prodigious home run total, none will be bigger or more memorable than last night's.

(For his part, Ken Griffey's run-/game-saving throw to the plate was pretty amazing; it is a sidebar -- but entirely worth tracking -- that he earns an end-of-career playoff shot.)

Meanwhile, four things came out yesterday that should make you say: "Well, no shit." (Excuse the swearing...)

(1) Lane Kiffin was fired and it got ugly quickly.
(2) Ricky Williams thinks about smoking pot.
(3) Tony Mandarich used steroids.
(4) Alonzo Mourning experienced NCAA recruiting violations.

I'm sure you're just shocked -- shocked -- to hear all that.

Complete SN column here.

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