Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best Thing About Last Night's Game

Let me reiterate arguably the most universal takeaway from last night's game:

EVERY sport
should try having a close-out championship game that lasts a brisk 75 minutes and finishes before 10 pm.

That was the best part of all. What fan -- regardless of what team you root for or what sport you like -- couldn't appreciate that?


DougOLis said...

Bring on the Soccer?

Unknown said...

They could do that if there weren't so many damn commercials.

M said...

Well, there's the problem of the west coast. If you finish before 7 PM Pacific the networks will miss out on a ton of viewers, which means less $. I know it sucks but there are way more east coasters who are willing to stay up late than west coasters who are willing to skip out early on their work/family obligations.