Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday 10/28 A.M. Quickie:
Rain Delays, Titans, NBA Preview, More

Look, I don't think anyone wants to see a World Series end in a rain-shortened result.

I think my problem, outlined in the lead of today's SN column, is that Bud Selig -- once again -- simply ignores or defies the rulebook at a whim.

Why didn't the rulebook have a "World Series exemption" already in it? With the weather forecast clear to all, why didn't Selig lay this out beforehand?

Consider: Both teams were playing as if the game would be over after officially registering after 5 innings. Fans certainly didn't know. Why did they play the game past 5 innings at all? (They could have easily called the sopping game before 5 innings, necessitating a full do-over. I guess a shortened "continuation" is more dramatic -- and interesting -- than a full do-over.)

Once again, Bud Selig turns something ordinary into a clusterf---. Now, that said, the situation instantly makes this World Series memorable, historically novel. There's something to be said for that.

Meanwhile, the Titans are 7-0, and I'm kind of rooting for this anonymous, unassuming bunch to break the '72 Dolphins record. Wouldn't that be amazing? Does great D, limited turnovers and a punishing 1-2 running game eventually leave you vulnerable -- or is it actually the most sustainable of any of the ways you can win? (Consider the Titans didn't even hit 100 yards rushing, yet still controlled the game.)

NBA Preview: You can find it in the column, but I'll re-print it later today, so you can go crazy in the Comments with your own NBA predictions. I ended up affirming my allergy to the ubiquitous Lakers-over-Celtics -- I'm taking the Rockets over the Magic.

(What does it say that of tonight's 3 openers, including both the Lakers and the Celtics, I am most intrigued to watch Greg Oden? His battle with Andrew Bynum is the first of many classics, as many have already forecast. Well, at least until Bynum breaks for the East.)

(I had my office fantasy NBA league draft last night and lucked into the 1st overall pick in a 12-team league. I took Chris Paul.)

Ty Willingham is out at Washington: Lane Kiffin is such an obvious replacement, UW should hire him RIGHT NOW -- let's call him "interim recruiting coordinator" -- and let him focus on recruiting, which is the only thing holding Washington back from returning to its glory days.

Meanwhile, is Phil Fulmer done after this season at Tennessee? He should be, certainly. And if he is, the Vols could go after Steve Spurrier, but why not go for the safer and less drama-queen pick in former Vols assistant David Cutcliffe, who in less than a year has turned Duke into a not-terrible team, perhaps the greatest one-season turnaround job in recent CFB history.

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the bankrupt museum said...

fyi, Phillies homer here. I agree, no one wants a rain shortened result, but there is no way on earth that the top of the 6th should have been played. And I'm convinced that MLB & Selig would have let them play on & on and only took advantage of the Rays tying the game for the perfect opportunity to suspend the game without consequence.

Now, what's the scenario? Hamels start is basically erased from the books (it's essentially a 0-0 3-inning do-over at this point), with the Rays lined up to head home with their aces and the league's best home record for games 6 & 7 if they win. I'm not saying game 5 was in hand by any stretch, but the bigger question is if the Rays don't score in the top of the 6th do they keep playing on last night? I say yes. And that's some BS. There's no way the Phillies don't blow this series now, because that's the way karma works in Philadelphia.

Frank said...

I know the Colts could storm back to an 11-5 record, but it looks pretty bleak for them right now to even make the playoffs. The media used to be all geared up for a Pats/Colts showdown, especially because they all wanted to see the Colts WIN that showdown. Now that the Colts are reeling at 3-4 and the Pats are 5-2 with a backup QB, the media is ignoring the excellent coaching job by Belichick (hm, wonder why that could be- still bitter Walsh had nothing on the team?) and also trying to ignore the fact that the NFL may see a playoffs with only one Manning this year.

As a Pats fan, I hope the Pats can put together a performance good enough to get them a gutsy road win. But the real story there would be a Pats team w/out Brady being 3 games better than the Colts midway through the season, and that's something I think none of the media are willing to discuss until the playoffs, when and if the Pats can get a bye and maybe even push for the AFC title again.

Give props to Belichick and his staff for doing an amazing job at motivating his guys during a season in which everyone said all hope was lost!!