Saturday, November 01, 2008

CFB Live-Blog and Viewing Guide

Last Update: Oh my god. That ending was BONKERS! TT No.1!

Texas Tech just picked off (now-former) Heisman Trophy leading candidate Colt McCoy to go up 29-13 halfway through the 3rd. Is everyone else enjoying this ass-kicking as much as I am? How can you not love seeing this? (Unless you're a UT fan.)

Brent just said "Here comes BCS chaos." I'm sorry: What's the chaos, at least right now? Why wouldn't you simply replace Texas with Texas Tech at the top of the rankings -- everything else holds the same. Texas Tech is the new Texas: The new No. 1. The new top contender for one of the BCS spots. The new team to beat. Don't discount they're success because the jersey says "Texas Tech" instead of "Texas."

Because given the way that Texas Tech is shellacking Texas, the Red Raiders are obviously -- not just casually -- the better team, if the result holds up. I mean, they are beating the snot out of this Texas team that everyone seemed to think was the best team, by far, in the country. That would make TT better than Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and Missouri, too. Now, TT might not survive the Big 12 gauntlet, but they are proving that at least for this season, they are better than Texas.

Oh, cripes, Brent: Please stop apologizing for Texas getting waxed. "It was the last few weeks... it wore on them!" Oh, please: STFU. They wanted all the credit for taking care of their schedule; they can take the hit for not taking care of their schedule. And Texas Tech is playing wonderfully; this is no fluke.

(Colt McCoy could weather a loss and maintain his spot as Heisman front-runner -- I mean, Tebow lost 4 games last year. But that was contingent on him putting up Heisman-like stats. In this game, he is playing like crap -- with stats to match. Graham Harrell for Heisman front-runner, frankly.)

: Hells. Effing. Yes.

Sorry for the lack of updates today, but I've been too immersed watching Florida eviscerate Georgia. If Alabama is No. 2 on the strength of outscoring Georgia in Athens, I think I'll take Florida not just out-scoring Georgia, but shutting UGA's offense down, on a neutral field. Man, was that fun to watch. Total domination from the first minute to the moment early in the 4th that Florida magnanimously took their foot off Georgia's spindly throat.

Meanwhile, so much for Tulsa as a BCS-buster. And so much for Florida State's legitimacy.

And how about the Ending of the Day, from Northwestern, winning at No. 17 Minnesota to ruin the GG's dream season. (The big meme among NU fans is the "what if?" from last week's ridiculous loss at Indiana. If not for that, Northwestern would be 8-1 with a beeline toward the Top 10.)

I need to come down from the Florida win. Got about an hour, then I'm ready to settle in for Texas-Texas Tech.

What I'm Watching...

Noon: Northwestern at Minnesota (ESPN2)
(Tracking: Miami@UVA on GamePlan)
(2:oo: Tulsa@Arkansas, GamePlan -- Tracking)
3:30: Florida-Georgia* (CBS)
(Tracking: Oregon/Cal, FSU/GaTech)
8: Texas at Texas Tech (ABC)

* - My brother-in-law is visiting and will be over to watch the Florida game. He's a "double-down" Florida fan -- grew up in Gainesville AND went to UF -- so my fairweather Florida fandom always feels a little shameful in his presence. (His wife is a Georgia fan, which makes today's game annually awkward for them.)

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