Sunday, November 16, 2008

CFB BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot, Version 1

The BlogPoll ballot uploader is on the blink right now, so I'll post it when I can. I'll put my list below by hand. Meanwhile, the new AP and Coaches' polls are out.

Two observations: (1) I cannot believe that the coaches continue to put Bama over Texas Tech (although in the instant-history world of pollsters, Bama's win last night trump's TT's bye.), and (2) thank god the Coaches flipped Texas ahead of Oklahoma -- the reverse made no sense, given that OU, um, LOST TO TEXAS HEAD TO HEAD. Just needed to shout that...again...

BTW, two AP voters ranked Florida first. Eh... no. Only legit if they have done their ballots the entire season based on the lone criteria "Who is playing the best right now?" If you involve any season-long "resume" rationale in your balloting (which you have to in the case of Florida), you simply can't put the Gators at No. 1 ahead of Texas Tech. Over Bama? Well... um, yes:

(1) TX Tech; (2) Florida; (3) Texas; (4) Alabama; (5) Oklahoma; (6) USC; (7) Utah; (8) Boise St; (9) Penn State; (10) Ohio State; (11) OK St; (12) Mizzou; (13) Georgia; (14) TCU; (15) Ball St; (16) Cincy; (17) Oregon St; (18) LSU; (19) Michigan St; (20) BYU; (21) Pitt; (22) Maryland; (23) Central Michigan; (24) Miami; (25) Northwestern. Yeesh: It gets grim after the top 12.

- D.S.

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Biff said...

Dan, so BYU-Utah play this Saturday.

Big question... if BYU wins, how does that affect your ballot? Second, there is a possibility that even if BYU beats Utah, that the BCS poll that comes out on Sunday will *still* have Utah ranked higher and Utah could get the BCS bid. This assumes that BSU loses to Nevada or is still ranked lower than Utah after Utah has one loss.

Tell me that the BCS system isn't screwed up if something like that happens.