Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday 11/18 A.M. Quickie:
Cuban, AL MVP, T-Mac, NFL Refs, More

I think the consensus is that while Mark Cuban's outrage at the SEC is entertaining, taking on the government isn't usually a winning strategy, as outlined in today's SN column.

Quickie scandal management is predicated on a few simple steps: Admit to something. Fix it. Move on. Whether it is allegations of insider trading or confirmation of NFL reffing screw-ups, the playbook is simple.

(It's particularly questionable in Cuban's case: It's not like he's facing jail time. What's a couple million in fines? Hell, David Stern pings Cubes for that every season.)

Meanwhile, the AL MVP race is by far the most up-in-the-air of any in this fairly straightforward MLB awards season. Split ballots may yield a very interesting winner.

NBA: T-Mac's knee is pretty messed up, as is my preseason pick of the Rockets winning the NBA title. So I'd rather concentrate on the breakout season being had by the Spurs' Roger Mason.

CBB: Stephen Curry -- so on fire, it's ridiculous. 14/19 FG, 9 assists, 4 steals (on top of 10 steals in the season-opener). Blake Griffin is pretty good, too. I can't stand that the Establishment has already determined that Tyler Hansbrough is going to win Player of the Year.

Finally, can we all agree that the Steelers-Chargers outcome wasn't fixed -- Occam's Razor would suggest that, as usual, it was inept officiating, pure and simple. At this rate, the NFL won't have any officiating crews left for the Super Bowl.

Tons more in today's SN column. More later.

-- D.S.

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BobbyStompy said...

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez resorts to the old “get a life” response to his critics. Here’s another way to think about it, Coach: How about you get more than three wins in a season? (If he would rather talk about the economy, how about pro-rate his enormous salary, paying off only for his meager win total and giving the rest back to a RichRod scholarship fund for non-athletes who can’t afford to go to Michigan in this current economic environment?)

Yeah, Northwestern's a bargain, though.