Saturday, November 22, 2008

College Football Saturday Live-Blog

What Oklahoma is doing to Texas Tech right now is absurd. It will be very hard for me to not rank Oklahoma as my No. 1 team on my BlogPoll ballot tomorrow. (BTW: Charlie Weis should be fired tomorrow.)

Florida takes care of business. Ohio State takes care of business. If Ole Miss beats LSU at LSU, does that make Florida's 1-point loss to them less of a nasty mark -- or does it make Florida's blowout win over LSU less of an impressive feat? Man, remember when UNC was supposed to be good this season? Poor Vandy: In Tennessee's worst season ever, the Dores still can't win.

Currently watching Florida work over The Citadel. Unfortunately, anything but a blowout will negatively affect Florida's perception among voters. So: Blowout away! 35 points in the first 16 minutes is a good start. They need to probably go 60+ while shutting Citadel out.


Drunken Loo said...

Running up the score? What a bunch of d'bags!

Paul L Carter said...

What, no comment on the OU stomping of TT?

Michael W said...

I'm torn about Oregon/Oregon State next week. Should be a good game, with huge implications.

An Oregon State win makes it an Oregon State/Penn State Rose Bowl. Oregon State hasn't been there in, what, 44 years or something? Nice to break a streak, but Penn State would cream 'em. That would also leave USC eligible for an at-large bid, which it would most likely get, and leave one less for BCS-busters.

An Oregon win hands the Rose Bowl to USC, as long as they can take out UCLA in 2 weeks (no way they choke that away). USC/Notre Dame is just a non-factor in the meantime. Penn State/USC sounds better than Penn State/OSU, but yawn, another USC Rose Bowl.

Not sure which situation is better.