Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quickie Vocab: USChadenfreude -- Whoops

UPDATE: Yeah, yeah... I totally blew the number of at-large teams. I look forward to USC's inclusion in the BCS as an at-large team. That's a big fat "D'oh!" to me, and thanks to the many of you who emailed and Commented to correct me.

USChadenfreude: Not only will USC not play in the Rose Bowl when they lose the Pac-10 title tiebreaker to Oregon State, but they won't even play in a BCS bowl.

(Of the 2 at-large spots, one will go to the Alabama-Florida loser, from the Sugar Bowl, which will lose the SEC title-game winner to the BCS title game; the other at-large spot will go to Utah or Boise State. That puts USC in the "Pac-10 No. 2" spot for the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 30. Hey, at least it will be a good game -- it's against the No. 3 team in the Big 12.)


BobbyStompy said...

I'm a Michigan/Iowa fan, and I understand why you hate Michigan (we're better than you), and Notre Dame (holier than thou), but I have no idea why you hate Iowa or why you hate USC. USC -- and this is coming from someone with a pretty objective view on the Pac 10 -- seems like it would be the greatest place in the world. Do you just not like them because they're good? Or are there deeper reasons?

Steve said...

Except that there are 5 BCS bowl games not 4 so there are 4 at large spots to be filled. The teams are likely to be 2 SEC teams, 2 big 12 teams, 1 Big 10 team, 1 ACC team, 1 Big East team, 1 non bcs school and Oregon St. and USC.

Nice try Dan.

Andrew said...

Umm.. did we not move to 10 bcs spots (meaning 4 at large teams) as of the 2007 season? USC is in fine shape to get one.