Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday 11/16 (Very) Quickie

Barack Obama loves a CFB playoff and isn't afraid to tell the world on "60 Minutes." See post below...

Florida may have a loss, but no team in the country -- including Texas Tech -- is playing better right now. That doesn't mean anything in terms of rankings or national titles, but it sure will be interesting to see if anyone can stop them: Offense, defense, special teams...all clicking at a best-in-the-nation pace right now.

That said, my first-glance BlogPoll ballot this week looks much like last week: Texas Tech, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma. I can afford to be magnanimous about Florida's placement, because they'll have their chance to vault the field in 4 weeks.

(Florida is not in the same boat as the other 1-loss teams: UF controls its own destiny. If UF wins the next 2 games, then beats Alabama in the SEC CG, there is no question they will make the national title game. Meanwhile, Texas needs Texas Tech to lose. And Oklahoma needs to beat Texas Tech, then hope voters don't realize that OU lost head-to-head to Texas. USC has virtually no hope. Hell, they need Oregon State to lose before they even enter the discussion. Their case comes least close to "controlling own destiny." See my post later this morning.

CFB Late Night: So much for "revenge." Bama and USC took care of business more than anything. (But USC remains so screwed -- check back later today for a new vocabulary word.)

College Hoops: UNC wins without Hansbrough... Gonzaga (my "tier 2" pick to win the national title, behind "tier 1" pick, Louisville) rolls... Freshman Watch: Tyreke Evans (19 pts), Demar DeRozan (14 pts)...

NBA: Who is Anthony Morrow? He just set the record for points scored by an undrafted rookie in his first season. 37, to go with 11 rebounds. He just got made. Meanwhile, Devin Harris is on fire.

MMA: Brock Lesnar is your new UFC champ, and his wide crossover appeal could usher the sport to new heights.

-- D.S.

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WuzUpG said...

Every guard flourishes in Nellie's system. He does have a nice stroke in jackin' up 3s. I was watching the Warriors/Clippers on TV and even the Clipper fans were cheering for him to hit 40, however he got blocked, taking a 3, in the last possession of the game.