Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oklahoma "Wins" The Big 12 South, I Guess

Oklahoma is No. 2 in the latest BCS poll; Texas is No. 3. Therefore, Oklahoma "wins" the Big 12 South, even though Texas beat Oklahoma head-to-head.

Distressingly to me, the computers continue to punish Florida -- 4th in the BCS; 6th in the computers. Alabama is 1st in the BCS and 3rd in the computers.

Is it possible that Florida could beat Alabama next week yet stay behind both Oklahoma and Texas in the BCS standings? I'm no BCS number-cruncher, but I wouldn't count it out as a possibility.

(There is the insane scenario where Florida beats Alabama yet remains behind both Oklahoma and Texas for the BCS title-game. In that case, it is all but assured that as long as Florida wins the Sugar Bowl, the AP will name them its national champ.)

Speaking of not counting things out, don't count out Texas in the BCS title game -- it will take Oklahoma losing to Missouri. (Yes, that goes against the "must win your conference" thing, but I never bought into that -- hell, Georgia was MY national champ last season.)

And, as posted earlier, there is a scenario where Texas earns a split national title via the AP poll: If Oklahoma beats either Alabama or Florida in the national title game, it could happen, given that as of today, the AP thinks Texas is better than Oklahoma, in opposition to the BCS cabal.

The dynamic already seems set: The AP voters are setting themselves up as the contrarian BCS-busters, ready for any excuse to illustrate the system's vagaries, including a split champ. That could be Texas. That could be (gulp) Florida. Hell, why not the USC-Penn St winner?

(That said, I think that either Alabama or Florida would smash Oklahoma -- and perhaps the myth of the Big 12's dominance this season. Oklahoma fans remember the ending to the 2007 and 2006 seasons, right? Not to mention 2003.)

-- D.S.


Brett said...

Don't you think you let your SEC love bleed out a little too much in your blog?

I mean who has Florida or Alabama beaten outside the SEC? FSU, Miami, and Clemson. Not the greatest bunch.

the bankrupt museum said...

Despite my eyes telling me Florida is probably in the Top 2/3, UF is/(will) suffering the same computer # fate as 1-lossers USC & Penn St = poor competition and weak conference. I've been pointing this out all year, but this past weekend underscored it again: LSU & Georgia losing to unspectacular opponents & no impressive SEC wins outside the conference from anyone continues to punish Florida. If UF beats Alabama, I think we're stuck with Oklahoma/Texas II...on yet another neutral field. Color me uninterested.

Unknown said...

Wait, I thought that "winning your conference" was a necessary component to "deserving" a spot in the national championship game. That's what kept Georgia out of the title game last year, wasn't it?

So, why not USC? Penn State? Utah?