Monday, December 01, 2008

BCS Ignores Transparency, Insults Fans

By the way, are we going to see which coaches voted which way on yesterday's penultimate ballot? Guess not. Way to be with the journalistic integrity, USA Today.

Meanwhile, no computer formula should be allowed to be part of the BCS process if they won't open their methodology to public scrutiny. Perhaps they remain "black box" because the poll operators are charlatans -- why else would everyone but Colley Matrix be afraid to show their work? Worse: The BCS enables them by allowing them to be part of the process, opacity and all.

Seriously: How hard is it to insist on some transparency in the BCS process?

Ballots for all voters -- Coaches and Harris -- available every week. Complete computer formulas available for scrutiny. And anyone who doesn't want to be transparent doesn't have to participate.

It's the least the BCS can do. But this "black box" stuff is offensive.

-- D.S.


Qwagmire said...

Dude you really got a hard on for the BCS.

Not that I disagree, it just seems you might be motivated by trying to get Florida into the title game (relax they will kill Alabama).

I know you hate the BCS, but next thing you know you, Sculley, and Mulder will be looking for the truth somewhere.

Fear The Turtle!!!! (At least if you are ranked in the top ten)

Unknown said...

Do you really think the BCS committee cares?

I'm not trying to be rude here, but they don't give a damn. Their actions over the past few years have shown that they don't give a damn. They don't care what the fans think, they don't care what the players or coaches think either.

All the kicking and screaming really won't change it. Unless someone hits their pocketbook (which, I don't see happening) they will skip along happily as if everything is peaches and cream.

Richard K. said...

Put the BCS under MORE criticism? Wonderful idea.

Steve said...

How hard is it to provide transparency? How hard is it to create a playoff? These guys make politicians look like saints.

Unknown said...

Easy playoff system. Conference winners from SEC, P10, B12, B10, BE and ACC along with top two teams in BCS not among those. The system is fine as long as you are content with simply finding two teams to call #1 and #2

Unknown said...

Shanoff, I wouldn't worry. The Colley Matrix has the Gators high already, and putting in a Gator win over Alabama (and an OU win over Mizzou) results in the Gators gaining 0.03400 points to Texas gaining 0.00002.

Other polls have Florida lower than Colley. That means Florida has even more points to gain in those polls.