Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday 12/02 A.M. Quickie:
Twitter, Plax, SEC, Celtics, MLB Arb, More

So late last night, there was this. I'm hoping it served as temporary catharsis -- or a BCS enema! -- that will allow me to enjoy the run-up to Saturday's SEC title game with some inner peace.

Meanwhile, today's SN column leads with Twitter -- first there was Shaq's takeover; yesterday, Lance Armstrong broke his own news by scooping the AP that he would ride the TdF in '09.

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*The Texans are better off with Steve Slaton than if they had drafted Reggie Bush. Slaton is much better -- gee: he can actually run the ball, too. Seriously: If you were a GM and were offered Steve Slaton for Reggie Bush, you would absolutely make that trade.

*The Celtics are not going to be challenged by the Magic -- at least this year, as I had predicted in my season picks.

*Purdue is going to beat Duke tonight in the headliner of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

*Florida is favored over Alabama by 10, and I think that is wildly aggressive. Can you think of a No. 1 team that was that much of an underdog? That said: The Gators will either win by 20+ or lose; unlike the 2006 title team, I'm not sure this team can win late and/or close. Good thing they are built to blow teams out.

Complete SN column here. More later, including a noontime tribute to Dr. Z that I wrote late last night and a 3 p.m. analysis of the new United Football League, which I also wrote late last night.

(Wow, was I prolific last night or what? Must have been because I watched the series finale of "The Shield," then couldn't fall asleep for like 2 hours afterward. Probably the best TV series finale I have ever seen.)

-- D.S.

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Steve said...

You had to pick Purdue didn't you? Thanks a lot.