Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apologies to Pomeroy, Gasaway, Pelton Et Al

(Sorta) taken out of context! I said so much more great things about the value of quant analysis!

Dan Shanoff...said gut feeling is more important than statistics, but taking a look at the numbers can never hurt.

In the end, he said, it's all chance.

"You think you know everything about college basketball and then all of a sudden your mom is finishing ahead of you [in a tournament pool], which happens every year to me with my mom," he said.

"It's all chance?" Did I really say that? Or even imply it? Crap!

If my picks bomb out this year as badly as last year (18th percentile in the Daily Quickie Readers pool), I am giving up on my "gut" and going long on the quants in March 2010.

Ken Pomeroy, John Gasaway, Kevin Pelton: You all know I remain the hugest of fan. (And that's just college hoops analysts -- not even counting Neyer, Silver, Ma et al across other sports.)

Oh, well. At least the quote made my mom happy.

-- D.S.

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