Friday, March 20, 2009

First-Round Friday: Afternoon Games

Late Afternoon Update: Well, all that mojo I had earned from UCLA over VCU just went right out the window after West Virginia lost to Dayton, eliminating one of my Elite Eight teams. (Elite Eight!)

Meanwhile, you have to feel for East Tenn St fans -- that was as close to a 16-over-1 upset that late in the game as we had seen in a long time (maybe since UConn-Albany in '06?) Tell you one thing: It doesn't bode well for a long run for Pitt.

Headlines: North Dakota State earns a moral victory against the defending champs -- but not a real one... I miss yet another 8/9 game (WTF?)... Big 12 continues its hot streak with Oklahoma State... Big East rolls on, with Marquette surviving Utah St -- a win is a win... Who's ready for the James Harden Show?

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