Monday, March 16, 2009

My Tournament Picks In Wall Street Journal

In what has become an annual ritual for me, the Wall Street Journal has published my NCAA Tournament picks, complete with the usual levels of self-doubt, self-deception and self-loathing. You can find them here, and you will see why I already feel like my bracket is busted.

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Anonymous said...

I created several entries in your group.

1. KenPom Entry - Strictly using Ken Pomeroy's rankings
2. CoinFlip_Entry - Head was higher side, tails lower side flipped coin for each match up. I used a dime, since a dime is a b-ball reference. I did NOT flip for the 1 vs 16 seed, since that is a forgone conclusion in everyone's bracket
3. Late Night at the Phog - My real entry (resembles KenPom entry a lot)
4. Chalk Entry - Strictly chalk

I will add two more tonight using my twin boys (who are 2) asking them who they like between two teams. They will be seperated during the quiz so as not to pick up on each other's answers. I expect them both to pick KU to win, since I am an alumn and have drilled the Rock Chalk chant into them and the Alma Mater