Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rejoice: First Thursday of NCAA Tournament

Update: March Madness on Demand is AWESOME. The high-quality version is remarkable. And I am using the iPhone app on the side and that is amazing, too. Oh, and GO NORTHRIDGE.

Last chance!
Join the Daily Quickie Readers group of the Tournament Challenge. Just a smidgen outside the Top 100 most popular T.C. groups on all of You all rule.

Meanwhile, today's SN column is loaded with First Thursday goodness: An analysis of both the afternoon and evening schedules, plus a lot more.

And I am sure of this: It will be a defining day for Twitter, at least among sports fans. Follow along at @danshanoff (or just look on the right side, but that's only my last 3 tweets).

Today is the day when you read all the glowing profiles of scrappy would-be Cinderellas like American, and you suddenly wonder if they can pull off an upset. It's what makes the day great, even if it ruins your bracket.

I, of course, will wait for the Game of the Day, tonight: UCLA vs. VCU. Three-time defending Final Four team vs. the most popular bandwagon upset pick in the country. Should be amazing.

Complete SN column here. Sign up for the Daily Quickie Readers group. Buckle yourself up for 12:20 and all afternoon.

-- D.S.


Brett said...

If you talking about VCU vs. UCLA being a game of the day don't be surprised at a 54-49 bore of a game.

Erik H said...

Hey Dan on your SN column you ask "Is there another team where two Hall of Fame-caliber players shared the same number?" The Yankees have number 8 retired for Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey