Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Thursday: Early Afternoon Game Reax

Early-Afternoon Game Update: Damn you 8-9 toss-up! I missed both.

*Like everyone else, I got Memphis; like everyone else, I would have given up all the points associated with my prediction for Memphis (Final Four) to see them lose.

*The SEC is acquitted...
*Butler is no longer has any Cinderella cachet...
*Obviously, the Big 12 was better than we thought...
*Who was peddling the inanity that BYU was a classic MWC Tourney-tough team?

And finally: As long as the Selection Committee was only going to give out 4 at-large bids to non-power-conference teams, it would have been nice for half of them (Butler, BYU) not to choke the hell out of the opportunity in the opening hours of the Tournament.

Can we get St. Mary's and San Diego State back?

-- D.S.

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