Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fate of Kentucky's Billy Gillispie

Neglected this in today's column:

I think Kentucky should fire Billy Gillispie. (I thought they should have fired him after last season, frankly, when it was obvious he was a terrible fit -- perhaps a terrible coach, too.)

Here's what Kentucky should do, although I'm loathe to give them great advice that would save the program: Swoop in on Alabama's deal and hire VCU's Anthony Grant. Today. Time's ticking...

-- D.S.


Andy said...

How could you tell he was a bad fit after 1 year? After 2 years?

TheScrobocop said...

I think it might be a bit extreme to say that Gillispie is terrible. Texas A&M was absolutely HORRID before he took over, and while Acie Law deserves some of the credit, great talent won't always overcome poor coaching. Just ask Tommy Bowden.

Unknown said...

Fire him after only 2 years? He continues to recruit well and there is NO top candidate out there to replace him. Look at Gillespie's track record. It's awesome. He deserves three years before you start passing j-ment.

VCU's coach? Really? I'm a Gator...and when I heard Grant was taking over for Donovan (during the fiasco with the Magic) I was enraged! I think a guy needs to turn around more than 1 program before being handed one of the top B-ball programs in the country.