Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday 03/25 A.M. Quickie:
UNC, NFL Draft, Lance, Duke Women, More

Ty Lawson is the pivotal player of the NCAA Tournament. If he is healthy (enough), fans are justified in thinking UNC is the team to beat.

The only problem: I don't think he can stay healthy (enough). Not going against aggressive Gonzaga on Thursday then turning around 36 hours later and playing either Oklahoma or -- much more devastating -- Jonny Flynn and Syracuse.

Lawson has yet to prove he can go 2 games in 3 days -- we'll see. It leads today's SN column.

Otherwise, I am able to temper my disappointment at a second straight dud of a season for Florida hoops knowing that football spring practice starts today, and Urban wants to go Sooner-style up-tempo -- there is no reason he shouldn't.

Mostly, I need your help. My fantasy baseball draft is tonight. I have the No. 1 pick in a 16-team league (H2H format). I'm pretty sure I'm taking Hanley Ramirez. (Um: Shoulder problem?)

My need for your advice:
(1) What's the best strategy when you pick 32nd and 33rd, then not again until 64th and 65th, then not again until... you get the point. Should I have "target" players and not worry about "reaching" in order to get the players I want? What is the best way to handle that? A whole lot of players will go off the board between my pair of picks.

(2) Given my draft position and the number of teams in the league, is there a particular position strategy I should take? Should I be going for a certain position with 32 and 33 (and so on)? What is the optimal way to draft the various positions?

(3) Any undervalued -- or seriously undervalued -- players I should think about? Any must-have breakouts I should "reach" for?

Leave your advice in the Comments. Much appreciated. I am a perennial bottom-feeder in the league -- my questions above are probably a good reason why, but (as with everything) I try to make up for ineptitude with enthusiasm.

Oh, and by the way: Yahoo Sports came out with their own Y! Sports Fantasy Baseball preview magazine, and it is excellent. Awesome work by Brandon Funston, Andy Behrens and Co. What little confidence I have going into tonight is through their work.

Complete SN column here

-- D.S.


nsrrder said...

Think about Tommy Hanson in the late rounds...the kid has phenom stuff and should be in a Braves' uni by June.

KJ said...

Danny boi, I love me some fantast. Tough call here especially in a deep 16 team league. I have personally stayed away from hanram because of the shoulder and his avg dipps hitting in the 3 hole. I also think he'll run slightly less this year. The first round guys I'm in love with are AP, DWright, and Miggy. When you go for the 2/3rd hook you have to look at who is available maybe a multi cat outfielder maybe a MI. Defintly no pitching. Avoid the category killers, especially average killers. There aren't that many guys I have reached for so far in drafts. If they fall right I like Jay Bruce and young Upton but would reach. There is suprising depth at catching this year so no demand for that early. Maybe round. 6/7 hook grab a couple of pitchers or the next hook to start to build the rotation. I have the most risk exposure with my rotation but if either carpenter or carmona bouncee bavk I should be fine and you can get both of those guys late. Well I have probably bored you by now just one guys 2 cents. I also think josh field could be a good late late sleepr for the chisox

Gundy said...

I'm assuming you've heard/seen this already, but on the off chance you hadn't, I figured I'd better share it. Sorry, it can't be of much help with the fantasy baseball draft, but maybe you could use the speech to motivate your fantasy team.