Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday 03/28 (Very) Quickie

Well, there goes the last remaining strand of my bracket: Syracuse beating Oklahoma then beating UNC? Try: Syracuse getting thumped by Oklahoma, and UNC throttling Gonzaga.

(Let me say: I should have given Oklahoma more respect -- they played great. And while I'm still not convinced Ty Lawson can be effective playing 2 games in 36 hours, let's give UNC the benefit of the doubt.)

I guess I still have "Louisville will win the whole thing," but does that really count if they were the top-ranked team coming in to the Tournament? But, wow: Do the Cards look good.

(Anytime you can say "Biggest shellacking in modern Sweet 16 history," it says something about the winner -- oh, and the loser, too.)

The defending champs are out, KO'ed by Michigan State. I think KU overachieved all season long; I was more impressed with Bill Self this year than last year.

(Michigan State is going to get waxed by Louisville, and despite Oklahoma's impressive performance, they are going to lose to UNC -- Griffin vs. Hanbrough should be epic.)

Coming today: Pitt-Nova -- that's a toss-up. Neither team has been in this position, at least in the last quarter-century. UConn-Mizzou -- at least the Tigers will make it fun to watch.

By the way: My bracket percentage in the Tournament Challenge has dipped into the bottom third. Obama's is back above the 50th percentile (54th percentile).

Oh, and if I went with "Pick By Higher Seed" or "National Bracket," I would be out-performing 88 percent of the freaking country. 88 percent. Sigh.

-- D.S.


Adam said...

Nova made the elite 8 in 2006 and lost to UNC on a questionable traveling call

The Project said...

'Nova was in the Elite Eight three years ago. Quarter century, my ass!