Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An April 15 Tribute to Jackie Robinson

I'm thinking about today's annual Jackie Robinson tribute across MLB, among my favorite annual traditions -- not just in baseball, but in any sport.

I know how MLB and the players will honor Robinson's memory -- everyone (or many) will wear No. 42.

How could fans show their appreciation and admiration? I have an idea, although it would have been quite a challenge for the database engineers:

I would have liked for everyone playing fantasy baseball to be able to pick up "Jackie Robinson" to replace one starter in their lineup today.

If everyone did it, it would be (a) a good tribute and (b) a bit of a strategic challenge, to figure out which of your starters to replace.

At the very least, we could all have our own tribute to Jackie Robinson -- by far the most important sports figure in American sports history.

-- D.S.

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