Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday 04/14 A.M. Quickie:
Kalas, Cavs, Citi, Lions, Grienke, More

Is it too early to coronate the Cavs as NBA champs, simply because they just earned home-court advantage throughout the NBA playoffs, including the Finals?

Maybe. After all, the Cavs only lost once at home this season -- and it was to the Lakers, the odds-on favorite to meet them in the Finals. If the Cavs give up HCA, all bets are off.

But in terms of winning the East, I cannot see the Celtics beating the Cavs in Cleveland. Maybe the C's win all 3 games in Boston, but they're not going to win on the road.

(Yeah, yeah: I lean too heavily on last year's first-round mess vs. Atlanta and discount that the Celtics actually did break serve at Detroit and at LA.)

The Cavs may have lost only one game at home all season, but -- then again -- all it takes is one home loss in the playoffs to shift the balance just enough to change the outcome of a series.


*RIP, Harry Kalas
*RIP, Bird Fidrych
*300 HR Club!
*Excuse to mention Florida football!
*And a lot more.

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-- D.S.

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