Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday 04/18 (Very) Quickie

Figuring out how to bide a few hours until the Florida spring football game -- watching it online, because it's not on TV this year (ESPN is showing Alabama's spring game).

*I was babysitting my kids last night with nothing left on my DVR and no good movies on-demand, so I started watching some of the endless pre-draft coverage that happened to be on last night, which I had largely been able to avoid. And -- you know what? -- I suddenly got SO damn excited. I was already pretty engaged for next Saturday, but I'm locked in now.

*I'm down on the NBA playoffs this year -- where's the drama if we know that it'll be Lakers-Cavs in the Finals? I also loathe the NBA playoff pacing, where it takes 10 days to play 4 games.

But today has some intrigue, starting with Bulls-Celtics at the top of the afternoon -- how will Boston look in their first playoff game without KG? Can the Bulls steal one? Then comes LeBron -- statement game?

I'm less intrigued by the West double-header afterward, although I do find Blazers-Rockets to be interesting, if only because it matches two of the Top 3 GMs in the league (Pritchard and Morey, with Presti being the 3rd). The Blazers are on the way up; the Rockets are built to win now. One of these teams advances and sees their season/architecture validated. I picked the Blazers (winning a 7-game toss-up because they have HCA), but I'm rooting for the Rockets, if only because I'm a huge fan of Daryl Morey. OK, maybe I am sort of intrigued.

*Eagles make a strong move: Getting LT Jason Peters from the Bills was a steal.

*Sheffield: 500 HR. Still doesn't make him a Hall of Famer.

*Fantasy Stud: Jason Kubel!

*NFL changes Jets game before Yom Kippur to accommodate Jewish fans: The league probably should have known it was an issue beforehand. You almost never see it come up as a problem.

*Florida hoops losing starting center: Alex Tyus transferring. Along with Calathes likely staying in the NBA Draft and a perimeter-oriented recruiting class, Billy D has a personnel problem.

Excuse me while I forget about the Florida basketball problems while I squint at my laptop screen at flickering images of Tim Tebow's new-and-improved throwing mechanics.

-- D.S.

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JW said...

Re: Gary Sheffield

Maybe the 500 homeruns doesn't do it alone, but between that, the 3 top 3 finishes in MVP balloting, the five silver sluggers, and career OPS above 900, I'd say he has a good chance. Especially once other tainted sluggers from the era have been let in (like Bonds, Mcguire, Piazza, etc.).