Monday, June 15, 2009

Gregg Doyel: Another Fine Career Moment

Going on CNN on Sunday morning to bash Twitter... just as Twitter is out-performing the news-negligent CNN in coverage of the insanity in Iran.

Well played, Doyel -- your keen insight into the media and consumers is staggering. Keep up the stand-out work!

-- D.S.

UPDATE: My talented, media-analyzing friend Rachel Sklar -- who knew nothing of Doyel's life as a sports columnist, only his appearance on Reliable Sources -- has a more insightful takedown.

(Great point she makes about Shaq's Tweets and Doyel's oblivious take that they "make no sense": As you've seen in my SN columns, they have recently provided the essence of the story at hand. FWIW: Shaq's tweet was the lead headline of today.)

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