Thursday, June 18, 2009

UFL Draft Tonight? OK, One More Time...

The UFL isn't really even having a draft. Sounds like the four coaches are going to sit in a room and try to spread out the talent. Or "talent."

I feel the need to keep saying this until someone from the UFL finally explains why this won't work: Their "talent" should be players the NFL won't let in because of something as silly as age.

Let's use my working definition: You have to have at least one year of college football experience to play in the UFL.

With that in mind -- and taking out the rising seniors and redshirt juniors who voluntarily opted to put off the NFL until next year -- who would be the UFL's first picks?

Julio Jones? Eric Berry? Dez Bryant? Gerald McCoy?

We'll never know. Instead the league is divvying up...JP Losman.

-- D.S.

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