Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joe Posnanski's "How About This" Challenge

Joe Posnanski -- whose blog is a must-read, even if you couldn't care less about the Kansas City Royals or the Big Red Machine -- launched an interesting "How About This?" challenge:

Take any college and name its best football, basketball and baseball player ever, plus one wild-card from any other sport. Which college has the best foursome?

It started here (halfway down the post), with Joe using Ohio State as an example. He ran a bunch of others submitted by his readers -- I couldn't believe that Florida wasn't repped yet.

So here's my ballot, which I sent to Joe. Maybe it'll make the cut:

Football: Tim Tebow (2-time national champ, Heisman winner, Heisman 3rd-place, may finish career as best college QB -- or player -- ever.) Runners-up: Emmitt Smith or Danny Wuerffel.

Basketball: Joakim Noah (2-time national champ, 2006 NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player -- widely ranked as one of the Top 10 Tournament MOP 6-game performances in history).

Baseball: Al Rosen (1953 AL MVP - unanimously, 5-time All-Star, probably the 3rd best Jewish baseball player of all time, behind Greenberg and Koufax.)

Wild Card: Dara Torres (Medalist in 5 Olympics)

Not bad. Not the best in the country, but not bad.

-- D.S.

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