Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday 08/21 Quickie: Ochocinco, Bolt,
Favre, Harvin, Brady, NL Wild Card, More

One of the best parts of my job is not when I KNOW well in advance -- even the night before -- what the lead of the column is going to be (see Vick, Favre), but when I get up at the crack of whatever and see the majesty that is something obviously and spontaneously lead-worthy for the day's column.

Like Chad Ochocinco kicking that extra-point last night. (And a kickoff! To the 10!)

It wasn't just the wild display of his talent. It was that he gave himself a Eurofied soccer name "Esteban." It was that he capped a week where he had the best comment about Favre. It was that apparently he is bringing back his "checklist" of CBs to burn.

It was that in a week -- and, yes, consider that it has only been a week -- of Vick + Favre, the antidote is Ochocinco. He is the clown prince of sports, but last night, he backed up the talk with "walk," but with kick. We should celebrate him for it.

More you'll find in today's column:
*If it wasn't 85, it would have been Usain Bolt, who brings more excitement in 20 seconds (or "19.19") than Brett Favre brings in months (or years).

*Speaking of Favre, I'd say he is THE NFL preseason storyline of the weekend, but I'm more intrigued by how Harvin looks. Oh god: Is this the beginning of "Favrin?"

*It's not even September, but Giants-Rockies and Rangers-Rays feels like a playoff-ish series. Maybe that's because the NL and AL Wild Cards could be significantly impacted this weekend.

*It's a great debate: What is the better division -- Big 12 South (Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State) or SEC West (Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU)? That's three Top 10 teams per division. Yikes.

Lots more in today's column. Check it out here. And come back around noon, because I am revealing my preseason CFB BlogPoll Top 25 ballot -- the first version. I want (no: NEED) your input on it, before I submit my final version tomorrow.

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-- D.S.

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