Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday 08/16 (Very) Quickie

*Eh, it's like Tiger wants to make it mildly interesting before shutting the door on everyone else.

*From the footage, Vick looks pretty good for a guy who hasn't played in a couple of years.

*Yikes, the Bears' Jay Cutler Era starts slow.

*But not as slow as the Browns' offense. Yeesh.

*Hey, Matt Stafford didn't look half-bad! (Half-good, actually: 7/14 passing.)

*VY didn't look bad, either. See: He just needed to settle in.

*(What's all this talk that Colt McCoy is more valuable than Vince Young?)

*Scarier beaning: Kuroda or Wright? (Kuroda.)

*Anyone back in March have the Rangers beating out the Red Sox for the AL Wild Card?

*Nats are already managing expectations that they won't sign Strasburg.

*Plaxico Burress is the new Dante Stallworth: Suspended for HOW long?

*Most overrated MMA fighter ever: Gina Carano

*What's this? A Sunday New York Times feature about Tim Tebow and Florida? You don't say!

-- D.S.

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