Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday 08/22 (Very) Quickie

Favre. Ovation. Ugh. Perhaps the crowd's enthusiasm was diminished slightly when Favre threw all of 4 passes (though that's what would you expect). Ironically, Tarvaris Jackson didn't look half-bad. Percy Harvin was pretty quiet, but appears solid on kick returns.

Hmm: Was Tim Tebow held out of practice this week? And is it a potential balky back issue? That's what Rivals is saying, but you would never know it, because the issue hasn't come up from ANY of the Gators' beat writers during the week. Or ESPN. Or anywhere else.

MLB: Giants beat Rockies in Colorado... Yankees beat Red Sox (again)... If the Rays are going to win the AL Wild Card, they need Kazmir to be his old self (like he was last night) for the next 6 weeks... Cubs show in L.A. that they aren't ready for (playoff) prime-time.

Nats introduce Strasburg: The team needs to do whatever it can to feature this guy between now and the end of the season. OK, maybe they don't want to pitch him, so his 4-year deal doesn't kick in. So how about having him throw exhibitions before the game to local college and high school star players? ANYTHING to get him out there -- and fans paying to see him.

Urban Meyer rips Ron Zook: Urban is an intense dude, but very disciplined. I wonder why Meyer finally dropped that now to rip Ron Zook for the environment he had before Meyer got to Florida. More than anything, it underscores that "family atmosphere" is yet another thing that Meyer does best in the nation. If I was Notre Dame I would offer him $10 million a year for 10 years. He may not accept it, but at least you can say you have done everything possible to get him.

You know what? Jim Rice is a joyless crank. That he wouldn't rip on current players until he was safely given the lifetime appointment to the Hall of Fame is classless. Hey, Jim: Gotta question for you -- did you or players of your so-called "clean" era ever use any form of now-banned amphetamines?

-- D.S.

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