Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday 08/19 Quickie: Favre, Fans,
Vikings, Packers, Strasburg, Smoltz, More

I was thrilled to see yesterday's "Favre Revolt." Favre comes back -- fans basically reject it.

Now, nevermind that we were all glued to the Web, Twitter, TV to follow it. The point is that we all expressed our outrage, in various forms:

Vikings fans: "What do we do NOW?"
Packers fans: "I'm so conflicted!"
Everyone else: "God, does this suck."

In the end, Favre might make the Vikings slightly better -- if nothing else, more closely followed

(Pointed out in today's column: What about those of us who wanted to draft Percy Harvin in our fantasy leagues? We tie his success directly to rooting for Brett Favre to do well. Ack!)

It will be very easy to mock him as he inevitably throws game-killing INTs, to mock him as he battles inevitable injuries, to mock him as he plays the "look-at-me!" card over and over.

The sad part: We still look.

More you'll find in today's column:

*The Nats should pitch Strasburg this season.
*I like Smoltz to St. Louis in theory, not practice.
*Jamie Moyer: "Quality start" out of the bullpen
*I'm warming up to the fearless Rex Ryan.
*AI in NYC? Yes, please!
*Who had "Bryce Brown NCAA violation" in the office pool?

It's Day 2 of my Big Book Week here. Yesterday was Tunison's "Football Fan's Manifesto." Check back a little later this morning for the next book on my recommended list.

Complete SN column here. More later, including -- at 1:30 -- a special guest-post by the winner of the Daily Quickie Readers Tournament Challenge!

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-- D.S.

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