Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday 08/15 (Very) Quickie

What? No Harvin last night for the Vikings? Dud.

(But not a bigger dud than Kyle Orton. PLUS a leg injury to Knowshon?)

The Mark Sanchez Bandwagon is off to a good start.

MLB: Maybe the Rays should have considered adding Halladay... Felix Pie!... Adam Wainwright is a big reason the Cards are contenders... Derrek Lee!...

Worst Cubs Fan Ever Johnny Maccione wants to apologize. Should have thought of that before he acted like such a d'bag.

Lot of discussion about that column by Gene Woj about how he'd never watch baseball again if he found out Derek Jeter ever used performance enhancers.

OK Gene: Ask Jeter if he ever used amphetamines -- including souped-up "coffee" or "power" bars -- even before they were outlawed by MLB. Hard to believe he didn't, especially before they were against the rules. But they are now -- why? Because they are performance enhancers.

Anyway, pretty quiet morning. If you missed the Tebow birthday crazy over at yesterday, check that out.

-- D.S.

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Steve said...

You can't read ANYTHING into NFL preseason games. Absolutely meaningless to the nth degree. If you put any emphasis into it in making regular season projections you are making a huge mistake. The Colts are 3-11 the last 4 years in preseason games. Guess what, playoffs every single year plus a super bowl win. My advice to you is don't watch a single minute of it. You'll be better off.