Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday 08/14 Quickie: Vick, Vick, Vick,
Brady, Tiger, Lee, Arroyo, Madden

OK, so let's talk about Vick.

But first let's stipulate: 99 percent of fans have already gotten past the "why is he allowed back/don't sign him" thing. The questions were "when" and "where" not "if" and why."

The reality is that the Eagles were about as good of a landing-spot for Vick as possible -- a brilliant move for the team, as I lead in today's SN column:

*Complementary skills.
*Contending team's cred.
*Veteran leadership.
*Secure starting QB/possible mentor.
*No-nonsense coach.
*"Love-'em-if-they're-ours" fan base that will intimidate the earnest fans into accepting this.

The angles are unlimited:
*Will the Eagles adopt any Wildcat formations?
*What's the fantasy impact?
*How many people will buy a No. 7 Vick Eagles jersey?
*Will protesters hit the radar at all?
*Will the Philly media implode?
*December 6: Eagles at Falcons. Good god.

This story is only beginning. But I would say it is off to as good of a start for Vick as possible.

The irony is that even without Vick, this was a pretty big sports morning:

*Release of Madden -- I'm more of a "Wii" gamer than "Xbox" person.
*Tom Brady's 09 debut: Very solid, but entirely overshadowed by Vick.
*The Redskins are terrible. The Cowboys lost to the Raiders.
*Weekend in NFL: New QBs in new places... plus HARVIN!
*No, really: Cliff Lee should win the NL Cy Young!
*Bronson Arroyo's response to MLB: 2-hitter!
*Wrigley d'bag: Turns self in!
*Landon Donovan has swine flu!
*Michael Phelps was in a car accident!
*The IOC hates women almost as much as Whitlock does!
*Tiger has basically already won the PGA!

But I suspect that we will be continuing to talk about Vick today, all weekend and -- yes -- all fall.

(For great Vick p.o.v.'s, try Deadspin's Daulerio, 700Level's Campitelli and OntheDL's Levy. Not trying to dis other folks with a smart Philly perspective. Add others in the comments.)

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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