Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SB Nation Makes a Strong Move:
Partners With EDSBS, Spencer Hall

Of all of the partnerships that SB Nation has created with individual bloggers, none is as important or high-profile as bringing in Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Not only is EDSBS the leading (and most influential) indie college football blog, but proprietor Orson Swindle (aka Spencer Hall) is one of the Top 5 college football writers in the country, blog or otherwise.

If that is how SB Nation is going to be using their new investment money, it is cash well-spent. Between the EDSBS deal and SBN's distribution relationship with Yahoo, SBN continues to make impressive moves in '09.

It is worth noting that SBN also imported the talented Eamonn Brennan to be an editor -- Brennan writes The Dagger college hoops blog for Yahoo. Apparently, he will continue to do so.

If things are that chummy between Yahoo and SBN, the partners would be smart to incent Hall to write for Y! Sports, too, which will be mutually beneficial.

All best to Hall on the move (he will be missed at Sporting News). Congrats to SBN on the deal. No details of the financials to share, but feel free to speculate irresponsibly.

-- D.S.

(Ironic: A year ago this week, SB Nation's leading college football blogger -- Matt Hinton of Sunday Morning QB -- left SBN to become Yahoo's lead college football blogger.)

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