Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leitch, Daulerio Pinch-Hit for Dan Patrick

Did you catch Deadspin's Will Leitch and AJ Daulerio subbing in for Dan Patrick this morning on his radio show?

Here is the power of expectations: Given that the duo had never hosted a radio show before -- let alone the most prominent national radio show in the country -- they did incredibly well.

No, I am not blowing smoke -- something like that is really hard, and they actually pulled it off.

The signature moment was the interview with Jason Whitlock -- on-again/off-again Deadspin critic -- and the whole thing was fairly chummy and reasonable. (Would have liked just a wee bit more conflict, but the notion of the three of them talking live was enough.)

The interview with Tim Cowlishaw was another highlight, although I would have liked to see them ask Tim -- since he himself put it on the table as an issue -- whether he thinks he has a drinking problem. If he says he does, the logical question is: "And you don't think you need help?" If he says he doesn't, his column was disingenuous at best and a cry for help at worst.

I think it helped to have a pro's pro guest like Richard Deitsch lead things off, and they benefited from the steady hand of DP executive producer "Mr. Paulie."

And I loved that they were able to bring on Michael Schur (aka Ken Tremendous of Fire Joe Morgan).

On a relatively slow sports day, they had a couple of fun ongoing topics: What would you ask Mike Vick? (Who should interview Mike Vick?) What's on your sports bucket list?

The instant reviews on Twitter were (mostly) favorable -- I would be curious to hear what DP's average listeners in non-blog/non-Twitter country were thinking about it.

One piece of constructive advice for their next guest-hosting stint -- and they deserve one, either on DP's show or elsewhere -- I love listening to Will wax, but who else wants to hear more AJ?

-- D.S.


Brad Templeman said...

I caught a few minutes and they did pretty well. I wouldn't mind hearing them fill in during Jim Rome's next 2 week vacation.

Unknown said...

I'm a regular listener to the DP Show and I'm also a big fan of Leitch and Daulerio. That being said, I think Leitch and Daulerio did a great job today considering their lack of radio experience. There were a few too many "ummms" and "ahhhs" but besides that I thought they did a great job.

Just my two cents.

Unknown said...

Not too crazy about your assessment of Cowlishaw's article.

So Tim is honest about his personal demons and that's not enough? What exactly will you gain digging further into his life? Do you then want to lead the parade sending him to rehab? He might have put the issue on the table, but it doesn't give you the right to pass judgment as if you have some kind of authority on the issue.

Unknown said...

Don't know if you noticed, but they totally name dropped you. they accused one of the callers (and rightfully so in my opinion) of sounding a lot like Dan Shanoff.

MizzouHoops said...