Monday, August 10, 2009

Online-Offline Balance Is The New Work-Life Balance

As someone who gets up early in the morning to go online -- and, yes, as someone whose online habits have sometimes (OK: regularly) impacted my attention and time for my kids in the morning -- I cannot judge parents who spend a lot of time online in the early morning.

I will say that "online-offline balance" feels like the new "work-life balance." I think this NYT story today just legitimizes something that has already been going on.

Again, it's not necessarily bad -- unless you are spending your entire early morning focusing on your fantasy team and Twitter stream, rather than parenting your kids.

I will suggest what I have tried to do: Get up 15 minutes earlier -- you'd be shocked at how much online consumption you can get done before your kids need your attention.

If you want to discuss, head over to Varsity Dad.

-- D.S.

(If you don't have kids, of course, you have all of your time to yourself, anyway.)

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