Saturday, September 26, 2009

CFB Wrap: Tebow KO'ed (Yes, I Freaked)

That was an insane few minutes. As Tim Tebow lay motionless on the field, I admit to fearing the worst. I have never been so relieved -- at least about a sports event -- to see him sit up.

It may "only" be a concussion -- his "bell rung," as the team relayed to ESPN; it may be more. The speculation will be rampant. Even a concussion is a big deal. The image of him throwing up while being taken out of the stadium in a cart was, itself, pretty disturbing.

Here's the video (which will probably be yanked down shortly):

Florida's win over Kentucky? An afterthought. Tebow's assault on Herschel Walker's SEC career rushing TD record? Superficial.

It is ironic that a day that began dominated by news that Tim Tebow might have the flu (overblown) ended with news that Tim Tebow was knocked out of the game with a concussion.

Not overblown... at all. Scary stuff.

More notes from today's games:

*So it turns out that Miami was even more overrated than Ole Miss.

*And it turns out that Cal was even more overrated than Miami.

*And it turns out that Penn State was more overrated than all of 'em.

*Florida State? Ugh: "Rated" doesn't begin to cover where they belong.

*Alabama affirmed for me that they are the No. 1 team in the country.

*Mississippi State should have won that game over LSU. Sucks for them.

*Cincy did nothing to show they aren't a Top 5 team.

*Same with Houston.

*My (mild) upset special came through: GT over UNC.

*If resume matters, then I'm not ranking unbeaten Michigan in my Top 25.

*Through halftime, does Penn State look like a Top 5 team? Please: Hardly.

*Kudos to my college classmate Doug Lesmerises for going on GameDay and successfully arguing on behalf of "resume ranking" in the AP Top 25.

Back to tracking Tim Tebow news, including trying to educate myself what vomiting after a concussion might/might not mean...

-- D.S.


Lacy Kemp said...

Vomiting is a symptom of a concussion and I don't believe it should be assumed that it's any worse than that.

Unknown said...

oh please god, let tebow be seriously injured. i hope it keeps this cocksucker out a few games. woohoo.

Michael W said...

I can understand being wary of Michigan, but are there really 25 teams with better resumes?

I'm not sure what anybody should do about that Cal/Oregon score. If you took Oregon's best plays from their first three games, offense and defense, and put them into one game, it would have stunk compared to the team Oregon put on the field Saturday. I don't know what happened. A QB isn't supposed to go 4-16 one week and 21-25 the next. We might not get a chance to figure out if Oregon's any good anytime soon, though; in the next 4 weeks they have Washington State, UCLA, bye, and a possibly quickly fading Washington.

Cal's got USC next, though. We'll definitely find out if they were a fluke or not real quick.

Going to be a lot of hand-wringing over Tebow being in the game in an obvious blowout. Then, in the end, nothing will change and nobody will talk about it until the next upcoming star takes a bad hit. Sometimes it isn't hard to see that all the money in sports can be a pretty bad thing.