Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday 09/22 Quickie: Colts, Kiffin,
Crabtree, Cincy, Beasley, Herschel, More

I'm sure there are some hard-core, FootballOutsiders/SmartFootball-style analysis about time-of-possession being either important or over-inflated.

For now, the Colts' 15 minutes of possession last night in a win -- the lowest number in a winning NFL effort since 1977 -- just seems remarkable, all the moreso because it's not like Miami played badly or the Colts turned the ball over. They simply scored quickly -- two TDs in 45 seconds, at the start and end of the game -- and otherwise scored 3 times in 5 other possessions averaging just under 3 minutes each.

Longtime readers know that I live for novelty items like last night's game, so it's no surprise that it leads today's SN column. But there's a lot more:

*Rex Ryan has no need for Crabtree.
*Lane Kiffin, inexplicably, keeps yapping.
*Heat fans can go back to worrying about Wade leaving.
*Cincy is embarrassingly underrated by the pollsters.
*Chip Kelly is no Brian Kelly, but he's a good guy.
*Twins still in it; too little, too late for the Rangers.
*How can you not love Mark Reynolds?

Complete column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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