Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot Thinking

It's an interesting week -- there aren't many top undefeated teams left (many undefeateds haven't proven themselves yet). At least half the list includes teams with a loss, and it's only Week 3. And I'm a bit hamstrung by my interest in not ranking a team ahead of a team that it lost to. Anyway, let's get right to it:

1. Alabama
Clearly playing the best.
2. Cincinnati
Two solid road wins and a slick offense.
3. Florida
The defense is still best in the nation.
4. Texas
Hamstrung by... Texas Tech's D?
5. LSU
Win over Washington suddenly..."quality!"

6. Cal
Jahvid Best: Should be Heisman front-runner.
7. Houston
Still like that fearless win from 2 weeks ago.
8. Ole Miss
Eh. Feasted on the weak.
9. Penn St
How about playing someone?
10. TCU
Better BCS-buster than Boise.

11. Miami
OK, I believe.
12. Kansas
Underrated in down year for Big 12.
13. Boise St
Oregon's win over Utah helps.
14. Virginia Tech
Struggled, but still a very quality win.
15. Oklahoma St
Georgia makes OK St look good.

16. Georgia
Not much D, but Arkansas is a good team.
17. Washington
Oh, you bet they are.
18. Florida St
Lit up a good BYU team.
19. BYU
There goes the BCS; still have that @OU win.
20. Oklahoma
Will never get my rank above BYU.

21. Auburn
WVU is a good team. Auburn for real?
22. USC
Probably don't deserve to be THIS high...
23. Ohio St
...But can't rank Trojans behind Buckeyes.
24. Iowa
Solid win shows NIowa escape was fluky.
25. Michigan
Promising. Still a little suspicious.

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