Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday 09/26 (St. Augustine) Quickie

Last full day in Florida, sticking around long enough to watch the Florida-Kentucky game tonight with the locals. Speaking of which, this morning's big story is...


The all-caps treatment is satire (even coming from me). Sure, it IS a big story -- but only the biggest if Tebow's flu triggers a "black swan" event that finds Florida losing at Kentucky.

For now, Tebow traveled to Kentucky, quarantined on a separate plane with the other Gator flu-zombies, which by some accounting is a third of the team.

Doc Saturday was first to post the key implication: Is this going to be Tebow's "Flu Game" (a la Michael Jordan in the Finals?)

You know Tebow will WANT to grit through it -- how effective will he be? CAN he be? Can he do the 20+-carry thing? How much will John Brantley need to play?

And how will Florida respond in its first SEC road game of the year -- in the closest thing Kentucky will have to a national-title shot (until the Final Four, at least). UK will be up for this.

Urban Meyer will be playing this game not to make any statements -- simply to survive it and slide into the bye week with 2 weeks to get recovered for at LSU on Oct. 10.

More on the radar today:
*Game of the Day: Miami at VA Tech
*Yankees beat Red Sox: Does it matter?
*Rockies beat Cards: Pressure on other NL WC contenders.

Obviously, tracking all the mania around the Tebow Flu until Florida's 6 p.m. kickoff. Live-comment post coming later today.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Amazing discussion on College polls and how to approach them on ESPN College Gameday just now. Not sure if you were able to watch. A writer named Doug Lesmerises from the Cleveland Plain Dealer really mirrors your argument about voting based on WHO you've played, and actual results, not expectations, reputation, and potential. Kirk Herbstreit and Craig James went with the company line, and strongly disagreed with him, but Lee Corso did go along a bit. Lesmerises has 'Bama 1st, and Houston and Cincy in the top 5, as you would argue. And he articulated the argument quite well. BallHype and SBNation have already done pieces on him this year.
But the more important point is that the discussion is hitting the "mainstream" media, and the debate is open. I'm firmly in your camp, but... as Chris Fowler pointed out, of course there will be polls, even if you agree that they begin too early and are based on expectations. Because we don't live in a vacuum, and it's a business. Again though, the discussion is broadening, which is good.

On a personal note - I have usually stayed at the MGM, which is nice and understated, and has no specific theme that overtakes you. I happen to think the Bellagio is the nicest in town, and adore the Venitian, for it's food, and it's atmosphere. See who's got the best deals that week, and then narrow it down to two or three that the Mrs. Quickie might like as well...

John B said...

>>Is this going to be Tebow's "Flu Game" (a la Michael Jordan in the Finals?)<<

I knew Tebow was the most overhyped athlete in the world, but this comparison really takes the cake. Jordan's game came in a decisive game of a championship series against a team with two Hall of Famers. Big difference between that and an early season game against the team that finished last a year ago.

Qwagmire said...

Sometimes your Tebow obsession makes me fear for his safety...

Are you sure you aren't a 14 year old teenager?

Qwagmire said...

Oh yeah, wasn't Jordans "flu game" in the playoffs?

Can't remember, but me, you, and 9 other readers could beat Kentucky, he faces tougher defense when hes going agaisnt the 3rd string Gator squad

Qwagmire said...

Loks like Tebow might be okay.

All kidding aside, WTF is Tebow, with a respiratory illness, even in this game at 31-7?

Would he have taken that shot if he was clear headed?