Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday 10/25 (Very-ish) Quickie

Well, THAT was the worst game Tim Tebow has ever played. (You can read more about that here, naturally.)

But let's put it into context: Florida still won decisively -- notwithstanding the Pick-6 that shouldn't have happened (Florida's) and the TWO Mississippi State Pick-6s that ruined Tebow's night. Florida's defense is the best in the country, and no matter how baffling the Gators' offense is, that defense (and special teams) will always have them in the game.

Here's more context: That same Florida team maligned for beating Tennessee by "only" 23-13 looks like an offensive juggernaut compared to Alabama's performance against the Vols, which was only saved by Bama's special teams and Lane Kiffin's stupid decision not to try to get his kicker a few more yards with 48 seconds to go.

This is the upshot, on a national level: Putting the argument for "SEC exceptionalism" aside, neither Florida nor Alabama looked like a decisive national-title contender. Neither did USC. Neither did Iowa. Texas feasted on a mediocre Mizzou, but at least put on a show.

Who looked worthy? Cincinnati, which scored 41 points using the back-up QB. (Admittedly, they played atrocious Louisville.) And TCU, which obliterated BYU in Provo. This was the same BYU that out-played Oklahoma, which played Texas to a standstill.

So is it so crazy to argue that the best team in Texas -- arguably the best team in the country -- is TCU? Is it so crazy to argue that, on a neutral field, Cincinnati could beat either Florida or Alabama -- in the same way offensively innovative Utah beat Alabama on a neutral field a year ago (more decisively than Florida beat Alabama just a few weeks earlier)?

It's not, actually. And I would argue that the top two teams in the country -- right now -- ARE Cincinnati and TCU... and that the only reason Florida, Alabama, Texas, Iowa, USC -- and even Boise State -- will lead the new BCS ranking is because of pollster bias and inertia.

(TCU's win only underscored that they are better than Boise State, which feasted on yet another WAC patsy. I would argue that TCU beating BYU in Provo halfway through the season is more impressive than Boise beating Oregon in Boise in the first week of the season.)

The arguments will continue. But I think that the thing we can all agree on is that neither Florida nor Alabama looked like a No. 1 team. The best team in the country IS in Texas -- but not Austin.

-- D.S.


Cody said...

I agree that the big boys looked unimpressive and Iowa is a joke, but I vomit in my mouth when I hear team x beat team y and team z beat team y even worse, so team z is better.

College football games are predicated largely on how teams match up and which team is more motivated that week to win

Chad Stanton said...

Are you serious?! - The whole city of Austin