Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 NCAA Picks: Can't Get Worse!

Let's get on the record:

After last year's debacle -- finishing in the 18th percentile -- I had "bracket-bypass" surgery: No more gorging on unfulfilling upsets.

If Kansas doesn't win it, at least I won't fail alone. For the record, my picks:

Midwest 1st: KU, UNLV, Mich St, Maryland, San Diego St, G'town, Okla St, Ohio St. 16: KU, Mich St, G'town, Ohio St. Final: KANSAS over G'town.

West 1st: Cuse, Zaga, Butler, Vandy, Xavier, Pitt, BYU, K-St. 16: Cuse, Butler, Xavier, K-St. Final: SYRACUSE over Xavier.

East 1st: Kent'y, Texas, Cornell, Wisco, Washington, New Mexico, Mizzou, West VA. 16: KY, Wisco, Washington, WVU. Final: KENTUCKY over WVU.

Midwest 1st: Duke, L'ville, Utah St., Siena, ND, Baylor, Richmond, Nova. 16: Duke, Utah St, Baylor, Nova. Final: VILLANOVA over Duke.

Champ: Kansas over Kentucky.

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Unknown said...

Hah thanks - I saw you had a nice blog article on last year's bracket, hunted down your 2010 stuff, and saw this.

I used your bracket almost verbatim, except I had to bring my Buckeyes to the championship. And I think Purdue will win their first game too.

Mike at White Flood