Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Florida's NCAA Tournament Return

It seems ironic that Florida could be the first team eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, given that the Gators haven't lost an NCAA Tournament game since March 2005.

Their 12-game winning streak is one shy of Duke's 13 straight from 91-93. But given Florida's brutal draw -- BYU is ripe for a Tournament win -- I think it ends this afternoon.

Because the "12-game winning streak" has, of course, the world's biggest caveat: They haven't played in the Tournament since they cut down the nets in 2007.

And this year's team is not that '07 mini-dynasty. That team is a memory -- albeit one that should continue to satisfy every Gator fan for decades, no matter how (or if) they do in the Tournament.

Obviously, I am rooting for Florida to win. But having watched enough of their games this season, I do not expect them to win. I did not pick them to win.

Then again, I didn't pick them to win in 2006 -- the exact opposite of the expectations I had for them in 2007, when it was "championship or failure."

My expectations this year couldn't be lower. A win would be improbable and most enjoyable.

But mostly, I want them to uphold the standard of of the team that created this current 12-game NCAA Tournament winning streak: Play with heart and make a game of it.

-- D.S.

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Richard K. said...

I like how you say the Gators haven't lost a tourney game since 2005. They haven't played one either.

If I knew nothing about college basketball, I'd have thought they won 5 straight titles.