Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Round 1, Day 2 Early: Zzz?

Well, compared to yesterday -- or even in an absolute sense -- this afternoon was a snoozer.

*Saved the worst for last: Utah State busted my Spokane-South. I had U.S. to the Sweet 16. Ugh.

*Honestly, who DIDN'T have Cornell? Not really an upset -- but totally awesome, nonetheless.

*I have Wisconsin to the Sweet 16, but was actively rooting for the Wofford upset. Oh well.

*Purdue deserves some credit, but not much. Purdue partisans have to justify a 4-seed, which means that they need to not just beat a short-handed Siena, but go to the Sweet 16. (I had Siena, dammit.)

*Everything else was mostly predictable or conventional -- seriously, did you really take Clemson?

*New York City is the worst market in the 1st round evening: We're stuck with Duke-Pine Bluff and Syracuse-Vermont, likely all the way through.

(We got Cornell and Siena in the afternoon, though, which was ideal. It's not like I don't have MMOD on my computer and iPhone anyway.)

How's your bracket?

-- D.S.


Steve said...

Screw you Shanoff. Purdue's 28-5 record is more than enough justification for a 4 seed. If anything they got majorly snubbed. Maybe your Florida team should come up with some justification for even being in the tournament.

Peter Pluckebaum said...

I am a huge fan of DS but why the continued hating on Purdue.