Monday, March 15, 2010

NCAA National Bracket: Early Look

Longtime readers know that I look at the "National Bracket" - the aggregation of all bracket picks - for "wisdom of the crowd" clues. In very early returns, there are few notables:

In the 1st round, there is only 1 upset: Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State. (Louisville over Cal doesn't count.)

In the 2nd round, there are two upsets, but not really: 5 Michigan State over 4 Maryland and 5 Texas A&M over (over-seeded) 4 Purdue. Both are by 54-46 percentages.

From there, the bracket is all chalk. The closest there is to an upset is Ohio State over Georgetown by a 51-49 polling margin. But, again: Chalk rules.

The National Bracket always closely correlates to the seeding, so don't look for much unconventional thinking.

Then again, if you had used the National Bracket last year, you would have outperformed 88 percent of all brackets. So there's that.

-- D.S.

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