Monday, June 14, 2010

06/14 Quickie: Cup, A&M, Finals, Stras

To start things off, consider me firmly in the camp that would be entirely against banning vuvuzelas from the World Cup. They are a part of the regional sporting culture.

It would be like banning the Wave, or chants of "Dee!-Fense!" or morons who wave at TV cameras while using their cellphones as their buddies call to tell them they can see them on TV.

What a morning, hunh? Probably 5 things that could have led today's SN column:

*The World Cup is off to a rousing start. It's hard to complain about ties when the US tie with England was so dramatic. (Speaking of dramatic: Ghana!)

*Feels like the first four games of the NBA Finals were a sideshow of Ray Allen, Big Baby, Nate Robinson. Last night was for real -- Pierce vs. Kobe. (Lakers in 7!)

*Texas A&M to the SEC? That's how it is looking, and more power to the Aggies, who are ready to stick it to sibling Texas and claim all the cachet that comes with joining college football's best conference. (For a 14th, I think the SEC should go after UNC.)

*LeBron endorses Tom Izzo: Even if it is tacitly through an intermediary, LeBron wanted that message out there. This should embolden Izzo to take the job -- and embolden Cavs fans that LeBron might come back (if only for a mini-max deal for 3 years).

*Strasburg? OK, he only has racked up more Ks by a pitcher in his first two starts than any pitcher in the last half-century, but how about Ted Lilly's oh-so-close near-no-no?

You know who is loving life this morning? Vince Young. If this was a dull sports day, he would be in some trouble. Instead, his little club incident is an afterthought.

More World Cup all day. Almost assuredly, more drama out of the Big 12. Light MLB schedule. No NBA. Maybe some word from Izzo. Keep tracking.

And embrace the vuvuzela!

Complete SN column here.

-- D.S.

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