Thursday, June 17, 2010

06/17 Quickie: Game 7, Spain, US Open

My only problem with the whole "This is the biggest NBA game since the 1984 Finals Game 7 -- if not ever" thing is that it is entirely about pre-game expectations.

The reality is two-fold: (1) Expectations rarely match how the game unfolds, and (2) no one ever remembers the expectations, just the result.

And so I'm left with the idea in today's SN column that there is no way this game can live up to the hype -- short of a clutch play in the game's final seconds that caps a back-and-forth 4th-quarter battle, I guess.

So the superlative qualifier really should be "the most anticipated NBA game since the 1984 Finals Game 7." That's what I mean by "biggest" -- it's supposed to be implied. But I appreciate the need to clarify it.

And I remain skeptical that the game can live up to the massive hype (recognizing that I am contributing to that hype).

More you'll find in today's column:

*There isn't a bigger choker in sports than Spain soccer in the World Cup. Yesterday wasn't the biggest upset ever in soccer, but it sure was a shocker.

*Given the hype for how well Tiger has played at Pebble Beach, his inevitable failure at the US Open will be another of his continuing humiliations.

*I think Jamie Moyer is the most interesting player in baseball. You could make the argument that a 47-year-old waltzing into Yankee Stadium and beating the Yankees is a bigger achievement than the Perfect Games or Strasburg. I'd like to see Strasburg pitch when he's 47 -- or 37, for that matter. And if Strasburg wants to match Moyer's career win total by the time he is 37, he will need to average 18 wins a season for 15 seasons. Umm...not going to happen.

*I reiterate that Utah will be the best bowl-eligible team in the Pac-10 when it joins. I think Pac-10 fans have no idea what is about to hit them.

*John Wall is going to work out for the Wizards today. I can't help but be giddy about that.

More later. With a round of opening games behind us in the World Cup, the games take on a slightly more urgent feel. Complete column here.

-- D.S.

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Michael W said...

I doubt Utah is going to be the clear class of the Pac-10, but even if it does become that, that makes the BCS is even more likely to be crashed by a non-BCS team, doesn't it? After all, if Utah hits the Rose Bowl every year, that's one more open BCS spot.