Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday (Robbed!) Quickie

The US-Slovenia tie -- or "tie" -- yesterday left me entirely conflicted. On the one hand, after going down 2-0 at half, salvaging a tie was a gift.

On the other hand...


Robbed of the 3 points, yes. But robbed of one of the greatest comebacks in US sports history. I'm not talking about in international competition. I'm talking about "Red Sox Come Back from 0-3 in the 2004 ALCS" territory. I'm talking about "Bills Come Back from Being a Jillion Down Against The Oilers In the Playoffs" territory. But so much bigger. Because baseball runs and football touchdowns are relatively easy to score, compared to World Cup goals.

This was a travesty. The US earned that win. When I think about it too hard, I get angry, so I'll let it go now. The game next week vs. Algeria is going to be bonkers.

More, very quickly:

*Well, at least we weren't England, with the nil-nil result.

*Strasburg Mania: 10 Ks, 0 BBs, 1 ER, 7 IP. Cripes.

*Break 'em up: Mets beat Yankees to win 8th straight

*Phil's 66: At some point, everyone will agree he has surpassed Tiger.

Back to World Cup. The vuvuzelas just got louder....

-- D.S.

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Jeffyhash said...

I don't know, after that triumphantly called '1-1 win' last week by all the sports media, I think its somewhat appropriate justice that now there's the '2-2 loss' to go with it. Maybe now sports writers will realize that, especially in a short format, the result is the result regardless of how