Tuesday, June 15, 2010

06/15 Quickie: Big 12, Game 6, More

Let's be clear: It's not the Big 12. And that's not because there are only 10 teams in it. It's because there is Texas, then everyone else. It's more like a Big One (Plus Nine Afterthoughts).

As I put it in today's SN column, I don't begrudge Texas carving out their own individual TV deal to go along with the fictitious TV deal that Big 12 commish Dan Beebe has promised his members.

But let's not talk about Texas "saving" the Big 12 -- they maximized the deal for Texas, and if everyone else happened to get to stay in a solvent Big 12? Just an unintended bonus.

More you'll find in today's column:

*As long as you're not a Lakers or Celtics fans, you really can't lose tonight in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. I'd like to see it go to a Game 7, if only because little beats a Game 7.

*I'm getting really really tired of Tom Izzo, who is giving LeBron a run for his money as a "will-he-or-won't-he" diva holding his current team over a barrel. Classy!

*World Cup: The vuvuzelas are saved! Hooray for the world! Meanwhile, was anyone rooting (aside Italy fans) for Italy to tie Paraguay? Big day today: Brazil!

Tons more in the column. Check it out here.

-- D.S.

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